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Warrior Project LFT SHT


Warrior Project  LFT SHT is definitely one of the most hardcore pre workouts available.

It’s a great choice for those of you who love heavy hitting preworkouts.  If you have the very high tolerance for stimms you’ll definitely enjoy Warrior Project LFT SHT.

Warrior Project LFT SHT product was designed for those who require a massive surge in Strength, power and energy to improve their performance each and every time they enter the gym!

300mg caffeine as well as including Amp Citrate to provide stimulation to your central nervous system, increasing the power output of your muscles.

Caffeine stacked with  AMP Citrate which that is a stimulant itself  intensify the effect of the caffeine. Amp Citrate is also a fat burner as to provide a higher degree of metabolic activity, increasing the amount of calories burned.

Next on the list is Schisandra, which is an adaptogenic herb, it will help your body to deal with stress and help your body to perform better at the gym. Schisandra has been added acting as a nootropic providing mental clarity. It’s also an Anti-catabolic compound ensuring you retain as much of that hard earned muscle tissue as possible.

Beta Alanine and Tyrosine will help with focus and will assist with muscular contraction.

Really well put together pre-workout very very stim heavy
so please remember that when you take it for the first time.


Directions for Use

Add LFT-SHT (1 – 2 level scoops) to 200ml of water and shake well.

Additional information


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