Cellucor C4 ULTIMATE 440g


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C4 ULTIMATE IS THE MOST POWERFUL C4 that Cellucor has created.

Superb Pumps,  Energy, Focus and Power.

C4 Ultimate

Citrulline Malate (6g)

  • Citrulline malate is an incredibly powerful nitric oxide (N.O.)Citrulline Malate increases circulation and Pump.It also improves circulation so more blood and nutrients are supplied to your muscles, so make sure you have good bcaa drink in your water bottle. Citrulline Malate also supports ATP production, helping you to perform more work and speed recovery.
  • CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine (3.2g)

    Contains CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine  supports muscular endurance. Beta Alanine  buffers lactic acid and helps to offset the burn during workout sets.

    Beta alanine aids endurance, greater power, strength and reduced fatigue.

    Most C4 users are used to tingles, but C4 Ultimate’s tingles may take it to the next level!

Betain Anhydrus furthe buffers lactate which assists with

  • Increased power output,  capacity to perform anaerobic work
  • Increased energy levels
  • Promotes cellular hydration (similar to creatine)

    Nitrosigine® (1.5g)

    Nitrosigine® is a novel form of the N.O. booster, arginine. This is the new-age arginine is bonded to silicate, what enhances its bioavailability. It immediately boosts N.O. levels and it keeps them elevated for a period of up to 2 weeks!


    Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate (1g)


    Taurine (1g)   acts as cell volumizer which supports muscle fullness, endurance and  pumps.

    In addition to improving performance, taurine also enhances mental focus and cognition.


    C4 Ultimate Energy & Focus:

    • N-Acetyl Tyrosine 400mg

      N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is the main focus booster and this form of tyrosin is generally regarded as the best absorbed form.

      Additionally, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine also supports healthy overall mood while reducing stress.

      Caffeine (300mg)

      No more two scooping your C4!!!

      Caffeine is a tried and true stimulant that just about everyone is familiar with and feels reasonably safe consuming. It’s great for all things energy, but also focus, mood, alertness, and performance.

Rhodiola Rosea extract

Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb that will be aiding endurance and lowering cortisol.

Cocoa extract

Cocoa extract is used for cardiovascular and cognitive benefits through improved blood flow and antioxidant effects.

Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng is effective for natural energy, mood, immunity, and cognition;


The statements on this website have not been approved by the FDA. Contact a doctor before using supplements.
THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY INTENDED FOR HEALTHY ADULTS, 18 YEARDS OF AGE OR OLDER. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, currently taking PDE5 inhibitors or nitrates for chest pain. Do not take this product before consulting licensed, qualified, health care professional if you are taking any other dietary supplement, prescription drug or over-the-counter medication; or if, you suspect you have or have been treated for, diagnosed with or have a family history of, any medical condition. This product contains caffeine and should not be used in combination with caffeine or stimulants from other sources. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery. Immediately discontinue use and contact a medical doctor if you experience any adverse reaction to this product. Do not use this product continuously for more than 8 weeks. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool dry place. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. This product is sold by weight, not volume. Some settling of powder may occur during shipping and handling, which may affect density of powder. This product contains the servings indicated when measured exactly by weight.

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